Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicks with Sticks (Knitwise)

author: Elizabeth Lenhard
pages: 238
stars: 4
Review: I loved this book but I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. I liked it(despite the really ugly cover) because there was a lot of knitting in it, which I love. I think that it 's a really good idea for people to read books with characters like them or who have similar interests as them. I think it makes for a pleasing reading experience, even though diversity is also a great part of reading.
Anyway, this was a cute read, really adorable. It's a series of three and this one was way better than the second and probably better than the first. I will definetly reread this series.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous

author: Nina Beck
pages: 233
stars: 3
Summary:Manhattan It Girl Riley Swain is no pudgy wallflower. She's brash, bold, fashionable, and yes, fabulous. Riley has no qualms about kissing her best friend's crush, or bribing her dad's lawyer. But this spring break, Riley's dad and wicked stepmother are shipping her off to New Horizons, a two-week fat camp in upstate New York. And it's miserable: like military school without carbs. But then Riley gets to know adorable Eric, who sees beyond Riley's tough exterior. Soon, Riley might just realize that maybe it's not her shape that will change at New Horizons. . . but her heart.
Review: I really liked the idea of this book and the writing followed through with my expectations. The witty banter was probably some of the best I have ever read, these characters are seriously funny. I thought the author had a really great sense of humor.
I also loved that Riley was comfortable with her body when, let's face it not many of us are. She was pissed when she heard some girls giggling about her weight but that didn't really effect her for too long, she was over it by the end of the night.