Friday, February 6, 2009


So, like the rest of you die hard readers I can't exactly buy every book I want to. Luckily I have the outlet of a library which I'm sure many of you also do. There's also the option of borrowing books from others (although I always seem to do more lending than borrowing. But for all of you comic book/manga fans ( I really don't see much of a difference but whatever)there is another outlet of free entertainment... webcomics. So I am going to compile a list of some of the webcomics I personally read.

First and foremost is "Freak Angels". This story sucked me in from the first sentence. It's about a post-apocalyptic Britain and the group of friends that made it that way.

"Red String" is really a sweet love story, some people have been pared off and some are still working toward it. Right now the main couple has some really big drama going on. Fingers crossed that they work it out.

"Penny and Aggie" is great. The art has improved so much since it started out. Penny has always been the popular girl and Aggie the nonconformist but things aren't as black and white as they were when the story started out, now is a really good time to start reading because there is definetly quite a bit of plot progression going on at the moment.

"Fey Winds" is sort of an epic adventure but also a comedy. It's definetly a fun read. Kit, the main character is a girl who used to be a fox. Nigel is the knight that is stuck with her. Larina is a psychic elf and Sid is the prince with a huge crush on her. Trust me, you can't go wrong with a cast like this.

"The Dreamer" is a historical romance... sort of. Beatrice is girl living in modern day united States until she falls asleep which is when she is taken back to the Revolutionary War. Once there she sees people she is supposed to know but can't remember, everyone thinks she has memory loss. Beatrice has to balance the 21st and the 18th century and the boy she has in each.

That was my web comic post and if y'all liked it I'll add some more. Enjoy.

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